Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trip to the Zoo

I have been saying for a while now that I really wanted to take the girls to the zoo.  Harmony seemed really excited about the idea, and I knew beyond a doubt that Makaela would eat it up. And she didn't dissapoint!  That girl is obsessed with animals.  Plus she is so animated in her expressions, so I snapped away, being sure to capture every "oooo" and "wow" from that little girl.
 Harmony was always trying to protect her.
Harmony is my thinker. Ever since she was a baby, she has always had these intense expressions.  It was so hard to read her.  Our pastor, Pierre, called them her Questioning Eyes.  Always pondering.  

 Makaela is just the opposite.  She wears every expressions on her face.  And always happy to just be.  Harmony is always anticipating our next move.  
Crazy face!

 Makaela was very vocal, very loud- unable to contain her excitement.  Always yelling at the animals, or yelling at me to get my attention.  In other words, she has Freer vocal chords.
 Harmony never said boo.  Aside from various questions about the animals, she watched. Intent.  Taking it all in.

 There's those questioning eyes.

 She's pretending to be an elephant :-)

 We got to watch the zoo keepers give the elephants a bath.

 Makaela. Went. Bonkers.
 Harmony.... she was far too worried about missing something.  So we moved on.
 The polar bears is what got her.  I'm pretty sure she would have stayed there all day.

 They had free face painting that day.  
 She parked herself in the seat and said with authority "Rainbow.  Here (pointing to her arm). Please".  Even though it was free she INSISTED we give the girl money.  

It was a fabulous mommy/daughters adventure to the Zoo. But Harmony feels like she saw everything she wanted to see, and has no desire to go back until, as she puts it, "they swap animals with another zoo". Looks like I won't be buying a season pass any time soon. :-)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Year Portraits with Baby Lucas! |RachelAnn Photography

This boy had my heart the moment I walked into the room.  His curly hair.  His baby blues.  His one-toothed girl.  His overalls.  Oh those overalls.  A-dorable.  He and I.... we bonded. :-)

I did pictures for Lucas's aunt and uncle in the fall (who were so much fun- their youngest wanted to go home with me after the session was over.  I melt.), so I was excited to meet more of the family!  Come to find out, Lucas's dad was a groomsmen in a wedding I did a few years ago! What a small photography world we live in. :-)  But I digress.  Back to sweet, sweet Lucas. 

He studied me a lot.  Wondering what the big black contraption I was constantly putting to my face was.  

 We took a few in his nursery, where he began to give me tons of grins.  
Then he began to pose.  All on his own.  Ugh he is so sweet!

This little boy loved his little soccer ball.  I got so many with him playing with it and throwing it to his mama. 

He has two older siblings too, so I got a few with them too.  They were awesome. 

He isn't quite walking yet, but he decided to show off a little bit and walk a few steps for the camera!  It was amazing.

So much love for his little pup.  
I hope I get to capture some more Lucas moments in the future!